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Questionimagine the avengers reactions when they discover phil is still alive Answer


It was a rather quick discovery due to Clint being Phil’s spy for so long. He had Phil meet them all to apologizes in party form. It was only the team Phil, and a newly found Sgt. Barnes with a boat load of alchoo .Phil was careful to meet with everyone to during the quiet “Hey guys Sorry I Forgot to Tell You I’m Alive” party. 

Everyone was angry, the hulk eventually showed up half way through the Party, but thankfully he just sulked with Cap and drank from the barrel of wine Thor brought. 

Clint was so attached  to Phil  that he forgave him quickly, happy to have his handler alive. There was hugging, lots of hugging. 

Natasha gave him a kiss on the cheek before giving him a good slap. Phil promised to set up a messaging service for this kind of thing from now on.

After a little talk with the Hulk, Phil was able to make peace with him and then with Banner. They ended up having a strong handshake before Phil moved on to Thor so Banner could find some new clothes.

Thor was much easier to please, and seeing as Phil was under orders he understood the need for his status of living to be kept secret. 

Tony just said he knew all along, and sulked around Phil for the rest of the night before grabbing his shield badge, phone, tie clip, and anything else he could put a tracker into before forgiving the incident. 

Phil was nervous when he approached the Captain, who had been his idol, who he had also died to give a reason for the cause. Steve didn’t even say anything though Phil’s apology, just passed Phil’s old trading cards to him sighed by both Steve and Bucky.

" Fury gave the order, I’ve made my peace with him. I don’t blame you Coulson. Soon you will have to learn to pick which orders to follow. Be sure of your decisions.", and with that patted Phil’s back as he walked away towards Sgt. Barnes who was beating Clint at darts.

All was forgiven, and Phil was sure. Sure that he was going to beat Captain America at darts in the next round that is.

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QuestionArguing about what Hogwarts House they'd be in, then all of the getting Pottermore accounts to find out 'for sure' Answer


Never trust the avengers not to fight. It is their job, and they even fight with each other. Even over the silly things like what Hogwarts House they would belong in.

Natasha had bought the series for Bucky to read while Tony worked on his new arm day and night while attached to Barnes, to give him something to do seeing as Tony doesn’t always talk when he is working.

Soon Tony noticed ( after about a week and book five) and Bucky and him were able to read and talk about their ideas and etc about the book. Then Bucky recommended it to Steve and it went downhill from there. Every Avenger was now a Potterhead thanks to Natasha.

Now it was Tony’s fault because he assigned everyone a house first, and many were hurt by the way he decided to put them in the houses. Such as, ” You eat all my pop-tarts like the Malfoy’s lackeys so you must be Slytherin.   

So at the suggestion of Bruce they all grabbed their computers and went to pottermore.

What follows is what they discovered, no avenger was displeased with their results. 

Steven Roger : Hufflepuff

Natasha Romanoff: Slytherin

Edward “Tony” Stark: Gryffindor 

Thor Son of Odin: Hufflepuff

Bruce Banner: Hufflepuff

Clint Barton: Gryffindor

James Barnes: Ravenclaw

Jarvis: Hufflepuff

QuestionImagine all the Avengers really getting into a show like True Blood or Supernatural or Downton Abbey. Answer


"SHHHH Barnes" 

Tony threw popcorn at him for good measure and pushed play again. It was the second season finale for Supernatural. The first T.V. show the whole team could agree was good and they were binge watching it for the third night in a row. 

Thor was happy to watch something about fighting and loyalty between families even though he and Barnes would keep a conversation/bet on whose predictions were correct. Barnes had just one the last 10 episode predictions, Thor still had 13 wins in his pocket though.

Steve turned out to be the type of fan who would ship, and ship it HARD. Barnes had money on Steve losing it at season four when the angel came and found out about Destiel, Tony thought he would stay with Dean and Joe. 

Tony however was a purist and while he loved to make bets, he just wanted them to take place before or after, instead of during when there should be complete silence. As always he ended up explaining what was going on to everyone when they were too busy talking to pay attention to the good plot bits. 

Natasha and Clint of course went fanfiction hunting after the first episode, and were comparing their finds with each other as well as writing their own. Clint was great at hurt/comfort, while Natasha loved to fluff up her stories a little too much at times. Every once in a while they would write of recommend a fic to their dear captain, usually to get him to make the weird fan-boy noises that they would later use against him. They the little fanfiction crew all agreed that pwpspn was their favorite writer so far- So much PWP.


Dr. Banner of course made the popcorn and sat down with a tablet in his hand with a bored expression. He would watch quietly as he typed away on the small device. Little did everyone know he was the was the source of Natasha and Clint’s Supernatural Smut Heaven- PWPSPN.

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QuestionImagine the Avengers learning about Just Dance (the Wii game) and all basically becoming obsessed Answer


Thor sees the commercial for the “just dance” game with all the colors and ritual dances of Midgard. So while he is not a child, he wishes to play this game or as he said to Darcy and Jane to “join in on the culture of Midgardan”.

They were going to have a surprise birthday party for him anyway so they just added it to the list of gag gifts and etc. He was very surprised to say the least- broke the front door to Jane’s place by accident.

Steve and Cint are the ones that bring the game and the wii system. Thor thanks them by “battling” them with in the game. Several times Clint won,turns out that birdbrain is quite a dancer.

Everyone was playing by the end of the night due to Thor’s wishes and passionately because Darcy set up a dance tournament. This was for course used for evil, Darcy used the tournament to get video for the whole team that soon found its way onto tumblr is the form of many many gifs.

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QuestionImagine Nat having a teddy bear that she uses to cope sometimes. ( Amazing blog by the way!) Answer


it’s an old, ratty thing. it’s also clint’s. they were in one of his safe houses after a mission and he had it there, tucked away in a corner. at night they slept curled facing each other, the bear sandwiched between them with nat having a death grip on it.

after that mission, she slips it into her bag when clint isn’t looking.

she keeps it when they’re separated so that she has something that reminds her of him. some days she has panic attacks so bad that she blindly grabs for the thing and clutches onto it like a lifeline while imagining the things clint would say to her in that situation- sometimes even when she knows clint is in the next room over or in the shower.

she thinks for about half a second that it’s going to be weird when she moves into the tower, but it turns out that everyone has their own little thing they use to cope. steve has a bucky bear, and sam has a stuffed falcon riley got for him before their last tour together. someone made thor a stuffed mjolnir and tony a stuffed rhodey and bruce has a thick red blanket darcy knitted for him that’s big enough to turn into a tent for himself to hide out under. no one thinks natasha any less for her ratty old teddy bear.

clint finds out about it when he hears her saying something in her sleep one night and peeks into her room to find her arms locked around the bear, missing an eye and with one arm limp, and he smiles to himself and shuts the door behind him.

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QuestionImagine that Natasha loves to sing in the shower. Loudly Answer


she’s a good singer, though, which makes it bearable.

the best days are the ones when she’ll hear her boys harmonizing with her from the other side of the door, bucky as a bass and sam able to hit high falsetto notes with steve somewhere in the middle.

one day the four of them are in the tower when natsha starts humming, and before the other avengers know it they’ve broken out into a perfect barbershop quartet rendition of “bohemian rhapsody”, which jarvis discreetly uploads to youtube.

"hey, now you can’t use the excuse that all the men in your barbershop quartet are dead," natasha jokes to steve, and he hits her with a pillow.

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QuestionImagine Natasha finding a box of abandoned puppies amd bringing them home to Avengers tower Answer


she bumps the door open with her hip and all the avengers fall silent at the sound of yapping coming from the box in her arms.

"sorry," she says. "but i thought about what clint would have looked like if i’d left them on the sidewalk and i couldn’t handle it."

clint spots the puppies at that point, and that’s one day the avengers will never get back.

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QuestionImagine it being Natasha's choice for movie night Answer


she makes a big show of looking through all the movies offered to her before leaning forwards and picking up the stack of 80’s movies and popping in war games.

no one else understands why she and steve start giggling during the “shall we play a game” line.

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QuestionImagine The Avengers going to Disney Land and Natalia forcing them all to ride the Tower of Terror. (I love this blog!!!) Answer


natasha is serious about disneyland. you don’t go to disneyland and then screw around sitting by the pool or sleeping in; you go early and stay late, until you’re not sure you can walk another step.

"the tower of terror," she scoffs. "please. that doesn’t sound terrifying at all. let’s go."

bruce and pepper cannot be convinced, but she talks clint (“you jump off of buildings for fun, come on barton”), steve (“pleease steve?”), and bucky (“if you don’t come you won’t get to see steve’s face at the drop and that would just be tragic, you know it would”). tony and thor did not need any convincing in the first place; thor is jovially up for anything, and tony wants to take selfies on the way down in the name of “team bonding.”

afterwards, she takes them to the teacups, insisting that it’s a children’s ride and it will calm their nerves, and then spins it as fast as it will go, laughing all the way.

in her defense, steve doesn’t puke until he’s off the ride.

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QuestionImagine Natasha skipping an avengers mission that everyone else goes on because of an injury or something and when they all come home a few days early they find her dancing to music in her earbuds and maybe even singing along. Answer


concussions are serious, even for superheroes, so when nat hit her head pretty hard on a mission, she’s ordered off of active duty for two weeks, at a minimum, pending a physician’s exam to clear her for field duty again.

there was a time in her life when she would have hated this, but right now, it seems a lot like getting paid to go on vacation. at least, until the other avengers are ordered off on a mission and she has nothing to do but work out by herself and worry, in that order.

being bored is a novel thing for nat, who has always been busy with one thing to knit, or another. she tries making cupcakes, teaching herself how to knit, and, somewhat disastrously, giving herself a fairly elaborate hairdo..

really, singing is probably one of the less embarrassing things she’s ever been caught doing. she’s just sad that she will no longer be able to get out of karaoke by pretending she can’t sing.